Dr. Deon Terblanche / Expert Consultant on Weather and Climate at the World Bank

Deon Terblanche is an atmospheric scientist with a PhD from the Engineering Faculty of the University of Pretoria in meteorological radar signal processing and hydrometeorological applications.

Before his seven-year tenure at World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as Research Director, he worked at the South African Weather Service as forecaster, researcher, research director and chief scientist over a period of 30 years. During this time his team managed to establish a weather radar network in South Africa, become a WMO Global Producing Centre of Long-range Forecasts and deployed observational networks to conduct detailed hydrometeorological studies. They also received an international research award from the UAE Government and administrated by WMO for the design and execution of a weather modification experiment involving the revolutionizing concept based on hygroscopic nuclei injection and superb radar tracing software.

His passion is focussed on the application of multi-disciplinary science and technological innovations and teamwork across diverse teams to critical societal challenges, particularly those related to water and the urban environment.

He is currently a senior consultant for the World Bank in weather and climate strategy development and implementation. In addition, he contributes to science as Honorary Professor in Environment and Society at Brown University.

Internationally experienced and recognized meteorological expert and atmospheric scientist and specialist advisor with a wealth of knowledge in weather, climate and related environmental disciplines and services.