Prof. Istvan Geresdi / University of Pécs

Professor Istvan Geresdi was born in 1956 in Hungary. I studied physics at József Attila University and got master degrees in 1980. His first job was a research assistant at the Hungarian Meteorological Service, Applied Cloud Physics Center. He also started to study the physical processes occur in clouds in this institute. I got CSc degree in 1992. The title of the dissertation was: Numerical simulation microphysical processes occur in thunderstorms. He has been working at University of Pécssince 1995. I got DSc in 2007, then he was appointed as a full professor in 2007, where he taught meteorology, cloud physics and mathematical statistics. In addition, he was appointed as the dean of Faculty of Sciences between 2007 and 2013. Currently,he is the head of doctoral school of Earth Sciences.