Prof. Ali Abshaev / Senior Researcher at the Hail Suppression Research Center «ANTIGRAD» and Stavropol Hail Suppression Service of Russian Hydrometeorological Service and UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee

Ali Abshaev is a Doctor and Associated Professor at the Hail Suppression Research Center “ANTIGRAD” in Nalchik and he is also head of weather modification laboratory at High Mountain Geophysical Institute of Russian Hydrometeorological Service. From 2016 he is the member of Expert Team on Weather Modification (ETWM) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Since his childhood he was engaged in the youth creativity and space education programs. There he participated in many All-Russian and international conferences and competitions directed on Space research.

Dr. Ali. M. Abshaev participated in a number of scientific projects and supplies of special systems, technology and equipment applying by Hail Suppression Services, Meteorological Services and Airports in Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Serbia and Macedonia.