Dr. Said Alsarmi / Meteorological Expert, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

Dr Said Hamed AlSarmi is currently the meteorological expert of the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC-SG). Dr Said’s responsibilities currently include; to provide assistance and consultations on the work of the GCC permanent committee of Meteorology and Climate, prepare a technical and scientific report on the GCC countries weather and climate status and the GCC meteorological centres standards and practices. In addition to building and monitoring collective strategies, partnerships and enhanced cooperation projects among the GCC countries and with the international entities like the World Meteorological organisation and other UN agencies. Dr Said worked at the Oman Meteorological Department since 1996 serving as a weather forecaster at Oman’s central forecasting office then as a Chief of the climate section and as a Director of Research and Development since 2015.

Dr Said graduated with PhD degree of Geography and Environment from Oxford University. His topic was “the recent climate change over the Arabian Peninsula: Trends and Mechanisms”. His research focus is on the recent past and future climate change over the Arabian Peninsula specifically in the evaluation and the quantification of the climate change trends mainly in two variable temperature and precipitation including the extremes. He also interested in investigating the possible physical mechanisms behind the observed trends.