Dr. Robert Robinson / Chief Scientist, SciencePrime, LLC, USA

Dr. Robinson’s research has focused on multi-instrument studies of auroral electrodynamics at high latitudes. He has conducted numerous experimental campaigns using ionospheric radars in Alaska, Greenland, and Canada. Other remote sensing techniques Dr. Robinson has used include ground-based and space-based observations of optical and X-ray emissions. More recent research uses measurements of magnetic field-aligned currents to deduce auroral electrodynamic parameters.

Dr. Robinson’s past research using incoherent scatter radars focused on development and validation of methods to determine ionospheric electrical conductivities. His radar experiments also revealed the processes by which ionospheric electron density is structured by electric fields and plasma transport processes.

As an active participant in federal government efforts to establish a national program aimed at building resiliency to hazards posed by solar and geomagnetic storms, Dr. Robinson has been involved in strategic space weather planning activities. These plans include the research, observations, model development, technology transition, and education needed to ensure continued improvement of operational space weather specification and forecasting.