Dr. Paul Lawson / Senior Scientist at SPEC Incorporated and UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee

Dr. Lawson received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1969 and the Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wyoming in 1988.  For more than four decades he has been heavily involved in the development of instrumentation for airborne research and analysis of meteorological data. He is lead author on over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Lawson is chief pilot for SPEC’s Learjet research aircraft and has participated in over 50 meteorological field programs. He has logged over 6,000 flight hours with more than 1,500 hours as scientist/pilot. Dr. Lawson is a past member of the AMS committee on cloud physics and a member of 12 NASA science advisory teams. He was an invited speaker at the 1998 Gordon conference on Solar Radiation and Climate. He is the recipient of the 1998 Editor’s award from the Journal of Oceanic and Atmospheric Technology.