Dr. Lulin Xue / Chief Scientist at the Hua Xin Chuang Zhi Sci. & Tech. LLC and UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee

Dr. Xue obtained his Ph.D. degree in Meteorology from Saint Louis University in 2009. He then joined the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the United States as an Advanced Study Program postdoctoral fellow. Dr Xue joined the advisory panel of the Beijing Weather Modification Office in 2016 and became the Chief Scientist of Hua Xin Chuang Zhi Science and Technology LLC in 2017.

Dr. Xue has been the key scientist responsible for the numerical modeling aspect of several projects carried out at NCAR since 2009. He has conducted original and applied scientific research for a cloud seeding project in Saudi Arabia, a wintertime orographic cloud seeding project for the Idaho Power Company, and several programs in Wyoming.

Dr. Xue’s areas of expertise are in aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions, cloud microphysics and dynamics, boundary layer and mountain meteorology and numerical modeling. His research efforts have led to the development of a real-time cloud seeding forecasting system.