Dr. Estelle de Coning / Acting Head of the World Weather Research Programme, at the World Meteorological Organization

Dr. Estelle is originally from South Africa, where she worked for the South African Weather Service until 2016, as Chief of the Nowcasting and Very short range forecasting research group. The group worked on lightning, radar and satellite applications for nowcasting purposes.  Research outcomes of her PhD entitled: Applications of meteorological satellite products for short term forecasting of convection in southern Africa” was included in the European Convection Working Group’s document of “Best practices for nowcasting”. She is the author/co-author of several national and international peer reviewed papers, chapters in books as well as WMO publications, such as WWRP’s “Seamless prediction of the Earth System: from Minutes to Months (2015)”. She joined the WMO in 2016 and is currently the Acting Head of the World Weather Research Programme in WMO.