Dr. Duncan Axisa / Director of Science Programs at Droplet Measurement Technologies, and CO-Pi of UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee Prof. Eric Frew

Dr. Duncan Axisa is Droplet Measurement Technology’s Director of Science Programs. His primary area of expertise is in aerosol-cloud interactions. Duncan’s work at Droplet focuses on partnering with research laboratories to design science programs and ensure that program activities are executed to a high level of scientific accountability. Duncan earned his PhD in Engineering (with a focus in aerosol microphysics) from University of Denver, and a Master’s degree in Atmospheric Science (with a focus in aerosol-cloud interactions) from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining Droplet, Duncan worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) conducting atmospheric science field programs using scientific instrumentation to investigate aerosol-cloud interactions and weather modification. He has participated in over 30 field campaigns worldwide. He has published breakthrough research in hygroscopic seeding and documented unambiguously the cloud seeding effect in convective clouds. His recent publications include “Modern and prospective technologies for weather modification activities” in Atmospheric Research (2016) and “A large source of cloud condensation nuclei from new particle formation in the tropics” in Nature (2019).