Dr. Diana Francis / Senior Scientist, ENGEOS Lab Head at Khalifa University, UAE

Dr. Diana Francis is an internationally-renown Atmospheric Scientist with a postgraduate Diploma in Radiation Protection, two Master’s degrees in Physics and a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from Sorbonne Universités – Paris, France.

Dr. Francis’ research work focuses on Atmospheric Dynamics and Environmental Sciences at a regional scale. She has a rich experience in remote sensing and numerical modeling applied to different environmental questions. Her achievements have made a considerable contribution to advancing scientific knowledge in a wide range of topics such as aerosol interaction with climate, tropical meteorology, polar meteorology, climate change and polar ice, air pollution and air quality. The significance of her findings is reflected in her publication record and international network of collaborations.

At Khalifa University, Dr. Diana Francis is the Head of the Environmental and Geophysical Sciences (ENGEOS) lab and the lead of the ‘Radiation Safety and the Environment’ Theme at the Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC).