Dr. Ali Abshaev / Associated Professor at the Hail Suppression Research Center

Dr. Ali Abshaev is a Doctor and Associated Professor at the Hail Suppression Research Center in Russia, and head of weather modification laboratory at the High Mountain Geophysical Institute of Russian Hydrometeorological Service.

In 2004, he successfully defended his PhD degree on numerical simulation of dispersion of the seeding materials in hail clouds and optimization of their seeding, and in 2011 became Associate Professor in “meteorology, climatology and agricultural meteorology” at the High Mountain Geophysical Institute, where he conducts several scientific experiments related to hail suppression problem, precipitation enhancement.

In 2015, he defended his thesis on the creation of automated hail suppression technology and became a full Doctor of Sciences. Since 2016, he has also been a member of Expert Team on Weather Modification (ETWM) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Dr Abshaev has participated in several scientific projects and supplies of special systems, technology and equipment applied by Hail Suppression Services, Meteorological Services and Airports in Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Serbia and Macedonia. He has published with co-authors 148 articles on the physics of clouds, hail suppression and precipitation enhancement, fogs dissipation and frosts mitigation, radar meteorology and storms warning. He is also the coauthor of 9 patents of the Russian Federation and of 4 manuals on hail suppression.