Meet The Speakers
Cabinet Member and Minister of Climate Change and Environment
    Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization
      Director of National Center of Meteorology
        Meteorological Expert, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
          Executive Director, International Clivar Monsoon Project Office, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Ministry of Earth Sciences
            Senior Vice President for Research and Development, Khalifa University
               Head of the Department of Meteorology at the Faculty of Meteorology
                Vice President of Strategic Projects and Space Program at G42
                  Acting Head of the World Weather Research Programme, at the World Meteorological Organization
                    Expert Consultant on Weather and Climate at the World Bank
                      Chief Scientist, SciencePrime, LLC, USA
                        Director of Research, Development and Training, NCM
                          Director, UAEREP, NCM
                            Assistant Expert on Climate Change at the Ministry of Climate Change
                              Professor, School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University
                                University of Pécs
                                  Professor of Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics, University of Reading, Department of Meteorology
                                    Khalifa University and UAEREP’s 1st Cycle Awardee
                                      Institute of Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University and UAEREP’s 1st Cycle Awardee
                                        Director of Climate Research Programme from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee
                                          University of Colorado - Boulder and UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee
                                            Senior Researcher at the Hail Suppression Research Center «ANTIGRAD» and Stavropol Hail Suppression Service of Russian Hydrometeorological Service and UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee
                                              Senior Scientist at SPEC Incorporated and UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee
                                                Chief Scientist at the Hua Xin Chuang Zhi Sci. & Tech. LLC and UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee
                                                  Scientist at NCAR and CO-Pi of UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee
                                                    Director of Science Programs at Droplet Measurement Technologies, and CO-Pi of UAEREP’s 3rd Cycle Awardee Prof. Eric Frew
                                                      Project Scientist in the Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
                                                        Senior Scientist, ENGEOS Lab Head at Khalifa University, UAE
                                                          Scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute
                                                            Meteorologist & Cloud Seeding Expert, NCM
                                                              Research Scientist at Khalifa University
                                                                Program Officer of UAEREP, NCM, UAE
                                                                  Program Officer of UAEREP, NCM, UAE.
                                                                    Emcee at IREF