Meet The Speakers
Director, UAEREP, NCM
    Chief Scientist and Senior Fellow, Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space
      IBM, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA
        Associated Professor at the Hail Suppression Research Center
          UAEREP 3rd Cycle Awardee, HXCZ, China
            Director of Research, Development and Training, NCM
              Meteorologist & Cloud Seeding Expert, NCM
                Weather Forecaster, NCM
                  Senior Vice President for Research and Development, Khalifa University
                    Expert Consultant on Weather and Climate Science at the World Bank and Former Director of Research at the World Meteorological Organization
                      Research Staff Member, Atmospheric Sciences, IBM Research
                        Delegate of the Rector for International Relations and Relation with the European Union, University of Tor Vergata
                          Director of Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering, University of Sharjah
                            Professor, School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University
                              Professor and Chairman, Canada Research Chair in Statistical Hydro-Climatology, National Institute of Scientific Research
                                Meteorological Expert, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
                                  Research Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Dakota
                                    Lecturer and Meteorologist, Lews Castle College, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
                                      Associate Professor, Khalifa University
                                        UAEREP 1st Cycle Awardee, Nagoya University, Japan
                                          UAEREP 1st Cycle Awardee, Khalifa University, UAE
                                            Co-Pi of UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee, Dr. Paul Lawson, SPEC Incorporated, USA
                                              UAEREP 2nd Cycle Awardee, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
                                                Co-Pi of UAEREP’s 2nd Cycle Awardee Prof. Giles Harrison, University of Reading, UK
                                                  UAEREP 3rd Cycle Awardee, University of Colorado, USA
                                                    Special Advisor to the President – Zayed University
                                                      Chief Scientist, SciencePrime, LLC, USA
                                                        Senior Director at Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Institute, Khalifa University, UAE
                                                          Program Officer of UAEREP, NCM, UAE